About Virtual Dreamer

If you are an insomniac, or know one, add us to your favorites as you will find nothing like it on the web

My name is Brad McBride and I have suffered from chronic insomnia for over 25 years. I have taken sleeping pills, been to sleep labs and attended hypnosis sessions but nothing helped over the long run. Over the years I have purchased countless 'nature sound' CDs and machines that helped somewhat but something was missing. Years ago I happened across a narrated self-hypnosis/lucid dreaming recording using nature sounds that not only helped me fall asleep quickly but gave me some of the most wonderful life affirming dreams I had ever experienced. However, I did find the narration distracting and, being an audio engineer, began constructing my own recordings which combined naturally soothing sounds with subtle background sound effects that set a unique scene.

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It is a scientific fact that when we visualize we utilize the same area of the brain as when we are dreaming. I have found visualization to be a valuable tool for solving complex sleep issues. You will be amazed how well it works.

Combining naturally relaxing sounds with background audio that can be visualized is a simple yet extremely effective way to assist in the natural sleep process. We never loop our audio so they continuously change throughout, just like in real life. There is no music or narration. Simply relax, close your eyes and imagine.

Not simply ocean waves or rain showers, our dreamscapes contain professionally mixed naturally relaxing sounds combined with background sounds specifically designed to stimulate visualization and therefore sleep, as the same area of our brain that is active in imagining is also active during dreaming . You are not just hearing ocean waves but are experiencing a vacation in the Caribbean or possibly at an ancient lighthouse watching a storm blow in. You are not simply listening to sound of rain but rain on a tin roof cabin, with distant thunder, as a fireplace crackles. You are not just hearing wind and hail but are subtly experiencing hiking a guarenteesnowy mountain seeking shelter or maybe you are just wandering down the midway of a state fair at night. There are dozens of quality audio effects in each dreamscape. For those simply seeking unique nature recordings we created Pure Ambiance and they are all 100% guaranteed.

We created an extensive blog about sleep and visualization here. Enjoy!