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Part of our Pure Ambiance series

When the flames are running riot, Pictures come before our eyes; Never steady, never quiet, magic palaces arise;

Then the gold light turns to umber, and with soft and stealthy tread ; Comes the Sandman, bringing slumber, Now it's time to go to bed!

- author unknown -


If you like your fire sounds in the great outdoors this might be for you. Initially the campfire roars but soon settles down to a crackling fire as you hear a chorus of distant crickets, frogs, owls and even a few far off coyotes. These wilderness sounds in the background help to set the mood as you imagine watching the flames dance in the dark of night. You will find yourself asleep in no time. This is one long and continuous recording that runs a full fifty minutes and slowly fades at the end. This peaceful campfire sound, like all of our audio, was recorded in stereo to give the listener the feeling of actually being there.

Recorded at 256 Kbit/s

size: 95 MB

duration: 50:00 minutes

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An 8 hour all night long version of this sound is now available by clicking here

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