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City At Night

The sounds that people find relaxing are many and varied. Someone who is used to, or possibly misses, the ambiance of a city might find some comfort in this recording. We explore the sounds of the city in studio quality. 60 minutes of continuous and ever-changing city sounds includes traffic, pedestrians, and other street noises. This, like all of our downloads, is recorded in stereo for an almost surround sound audio effect. In the sample below you hear a bus stopping and opening it's door as people stream in and out. We have two versions. The first is pure city sounds while the second version, called City in the Rain, combines city sounds with rainfall and occasional thunder.

Recorded at Studio Quality 256 Kbit/s

size: 120 Megabyte

 duration: 60:00 minutes

audio sample



City sounds

audio sample



City in the Rain

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