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 Dark Stormy Night

Not all nature sounds need to be warm and fuzzy. Sometimes a moodier setting does the trick to help some people fall asleep quickly or maybe even to inspire the mystery writer in all of us. Such is the case with A Dark and Stormy Night as we made this virtual thunderstorm a little more dark then the bulk of our recordings. Natural sound effects set the ambiance as distant wolves howl, crows are ever present, owls occasionally hoot and rain falls while thunder rolls. So, if you are looking for a nature sound that's a little darker... then this just might be the one. Like all of our sounds, we recorded this in stereo. One note: there are no unnatural sounds. No ghosts moaning, no chains rattling, no disembodied screams in the night. Just one long and rather spooky thunderstorm.

Recorded at 320 Kbit/s

size: 140 MB

duration: 60:00 minutes

audio sample

A church bell tolls near the beginning of the recording



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