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The many sounds of the great outdoors are explored in this wilderness audio section. While we have many different relaxation and sleep MP3's, the dreamscapes below highlight wilderness and forest nature ambiance. Our audio engineering and Foley effects put you in a virtually real environment. You could hike alone on a snowy mountaintop or stay in an old cabin while hearing soothing rainfall on a tin roof. You could even take a relaxing stroll in a hidden wind chime garden. You might even just be camping alone, or even with friends.

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Tin Roof Cabin

forest ambiance

Wind Chimes

Rain on Canvas

Cliff House

Tin Roof Cabin

The Campsite

Wind Chime Garden

The Mountaineer

The Cliff House

Is there anything more relaxing than listening to rain on a tin roof? You find yourself in an old cabin for the night. A crackling fireplace and distant thunder relax you.

Sleeping under the stars you experience relaxing campsite and wilderness ambiance as evening sets. Plenty of owls, frogs and even a babbling brook to sooth you to sleep.

Hiking in a forest on a windy evening and you happen across a secret Japanese bamboo garden full of wonderfully soothing wind chimes. Featuring chimes of all types.

Rain on canvas is the primary relaxing sound in this 19th century dreamscape. Plenty of rain, wind, thunder, and wilderness sounds to relax you.

High up on a tree-lined cliff that overlooks the ocean. Sea lions playfully call, waves break, and soon night will fall bringing out the forest and ocean ambiance.

Length: 61:00 minutes











Jungle River


Hawaiian Waterfall

Bayou and Bugs

Camping Ambiance

Jungle Canoe

Snowy Mountain Hike

The Hawaiian Waterfall

The Blue Bayou

Camping with Friends

You decided to canoe a small river that is buttressed by thick forest and jungle animals. The sound of water is all around as you end up in your hammock at your cabin.

Hiking a snowy mountain seeking shelter in a hikers cabin. Did you lose your way in the snowstorm? An adventure in audio as wind howls, hail falls, and rhythmic hiking ambiance puts you in a safe place for the night.

At a scenic vista you decide to hike down to a beautiful Hawaiian waterfall. You find more adventurers at the base. Peaceful tropical forest and hiking ambiance for sleep onset.

Gentle water flows past a stilted house at twilight. Crickets, katydids and frogs are heard as nature's serenade sooths the listener to sleep. A Cajun vacation dreamscape!

After a day long hike you arrive back in camp as evening falls. Peaceful camping ambiance combines with water, crickets and a crackling campfire. Comes with or without narration.

Length: 30:00 minutes











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