Make an Audio CD on your Computer... instantly

Our MP3's can be downloaded to computers running Microsoft ® or Apple ® operating systems. If you are on a high speed connection they will take very little time to download. However, if you are on dial-up you may want to try our shorter versions by clicking here.

Note: For those wanting to listen to our sounds on an Apple iPod, iPad or iPhone you will first have to purchase and download to a PC or Mac and then transfer the MP3 to your mobile device. You will also need to be registered at iTunes in order to play MP3's you did not download from the Apple store.

Your MP3 will be available immediately upon purchase. After purchase you will be directed to a site where you can download the recording in MP3 format. You will also receive an email with the download link. If you choose to wait you will have seven days to download it. Remember to note the folder you are downloading to so you can find your file later. You can listen on your computer, mobile device or your MP3 player immediately but if you want to make an audio CD to play on your stereo please read the following:

Making (or burning) an audio CD that plays on your home audio equipment is fast and easy.

After downloading your recording simply open the file. On most Windows © systems (Vista, XP, and so on)  you will see Windows Media Player pop up:

windows media player

Simply pause the recording and click on the word 'BURN' :

media player burn

Then click on 'Burn Now Playing". Windows will prompt you to put a blank write-able CD in your CD drive.  Then simply click 'Start Burn'.

That's all there is to it. If you experience any trouble please don't hesitate to contact us. phone support

If you cannot play our audio samples in flash format we have an alternate audio sample page here