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Jumbo Jet Airline

Put the tray table up and straighten your seat back as we are about to take off! You are flying first class on a Jumbo Jet airliner to your destination. If you look around long enough on the Internet you might find other airline ambiance recordings but none of them simulate the take-off like ours does. Plenty of relaxing White Noise and flying ambiance to help you sleep. A good tinnitus and/or noise masker with plenty of visualization sequences. If you or someone you know has a fear of flying try listening to this recording. It can help nervous fliers become accustomed to the sounds they might hear aboard a commercial jet airliner.

Recorded at Studio Quality 256 Kbit/s

size: 122 Megabytes

 duration: 65:00 minutes


Most of our audio dreamscapes 'fade in' to a particular scenario: In the opening seconds of Jumbo Jet you hear airline engine 'hum', seat belts buckling and wing flaps being manipulated in stereo. You also hear background voices and radio 'chatter' coming from the cockpit (you are flying first class, after all) .

audio sample

The Visualization : Most of our dreamscapes set up the scenario in the first few minutes. In the case of The Jumbo Jet you are still on the ground when you hear overhead compartments opening and closing, people moving by you, airline engine hum and this familiar sound:

audio sample

The Quality: Mixing quality dreamscapes that promote visualization, and therefore sleep onset or deep relaxation, is our number one goal. The takeoff was particularly challenging. To simulate the jet's movement we used cinematic rumbling combined with many different sounds.

audio sample

The Ambiance:  After you hear the landing gear go up in Jumbo Jet the ambiance is cabin sounds, airline engine hum and subtle white noise. Initially you hear some background voices and those familiar airliner beeps and dings but they soon fade away to a long and soothing flying ambiance.

audio sample

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If you are seeking the sound of an airline with no takeoff or pilot voice check out our pure ambiance section.

Downloads are MP3 format and are easily converted to an audio CD on your writable CD drive

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