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Lakehouse Storm

On the lakeshore as a thunderstorm rolls in over the area. Water gently laps while wilderness sounds are mixed in throughout this studio quality recording. Distant birds (including owls, mourning doves and loons), frogs and other wildlife add to this relaxing and unique audio environment. The wind varies in intensity as it blows thru the trees. What makes this audio different is the change of intensity of the rain, from a gentle rain drizzle to a steady downpour, as the recording progresses. The thunder is long, deep, rolling and appropriately spaced. Lake House Storm is a binaural (stereo) recording that; if played on a system with quality speakers or listened to with headphones, will give the illusion of 360 degree surround sound.

Recorded at 320 Kbit/s

size: 140 Megabytes

 duration: 60:00 minutes

The sample below occurs near the start of the recording as you hear lapping water, wind thru trees, rain drizzle on leaves and water, and the beginning of a thunder shower.

audio sample




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