Night in the Mansion

mansion at night

In this soundscape you are spending the night alone in a dark and drafty mansion as you listen to the sounds of a crackling fireplace, long rolling thunder, strong winds and rain against the windows. This is a 65 minute continuous nature sound recording that leans toward the Gothic as we simulate the sound of a fireplace while staying at an old mansion as a thunderstorm rolls through. As always, all of our recordings are in stereo. Sleep well (if you dare). This also makes a good long Halloween background sound effect.

audio sample

Spooky organ music is heard briefly near the start of the recording.

audio sample

A fireplace crackles while you hear rain against a window and rolling thunder

Recorded at 320 Kbit/s

size: 150 MB

duration: 65:00 minutes



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An 8 hour all night long version is now available by clicking here



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