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Meditative Chants

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The Meditative Chants are multi-denominational and spiritual meditative chants from around the globe that combine with a relaxing rolling thunder, wind, Zen bells and chimes for deep meditation or sleep. While a departure from most our sounds, our first offering to the meditative world will not be our last. The numerous and varied chants include Gregorian and Tuvan. Chanting slows by minute 40 and a relaxing sounds of forest ambiance with birds and wind chimes help guide you to inner peace.

The Meditative Chants will always be a work in progress as we discover more mystical chants. The primary nature sound in the background is occasional rolling thunder however we plan on making a waterfall, stream and other backgrounds for you to enjoy.

Recorded at Studio Quality 224 Kbit/s size: 99 MB duration: 61:00 minutes

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