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rain on a canvas tent

Walking your horse down past the snowline to set up camp and build a quick lean-to by chopping down some small trees and covering the quick shelter with canvas to protect you from an oncoming spring storm. You fall asleep to the sound of rain on your tent. That is the premise of The Mountaineer.

Making a living as a trapper in the 19th century had to be tough. Venturing far from the safety of their cabins they would occasionally have to make do with the most basic items in order to survive. The storm that rolls through this dreamscape is not a snowstorm but rather the first rains of spring. Wolves howl, a campfire crackles, occasional grunts come from your horse, and as you crawl into your lean-to rain starts to fall on your canvas covered shelter. Was that a Grizzly Bear you just heard? Luckily you are well armed.

The primary natural sleep sounds in this wilderness sleep audio are the sounds of rain on a canvas tent, distant thunder, and wind.

Recorded at 320 Kbit/s

size: 137MB

duration: 60:00 minutes

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Audio Sample

Coming into camp just below the snowline.
Audio SampleFelling small trees in the wilderness to build a lean-to
Audio SampleRelaxing ambiance of rain on canvas during a spring shower

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