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Murmur at the Symphony

Murmur (speech): a soft-sounded and quiet utterance/talking "under your breath" so it is hard to understand what the people talking are saying

In the following sample you are in the theater listening to the orchestra tune up and the crowd murmur:

audio sample

I went to a symphony recently and could barely keep my eyes open. Now that's saying a lot for an insomniac like myself. The ambiance of a large crowd murmuring has an immediate relaxing and sleep inducing effect on some people. In this dreamscape the listener is going thru a lobby and into a large theater for the evening symphony. You hear the sounds of an orchestra tuning up as the murmurs increase. But the theater is cool and the seats are comfy... sleep soon overtakes you. We begin slowly mixing sound suppressing white noise in at about minute 18. A great tinnitus noise blocker.

Recorded at studio quality 320KBS    size:148 MB      duration: 65:08

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