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Windy Mountain Top

Do you love the sound of wind? Wind sounds have a sublime impact on us all. We took the best of our recordings and combined them into a powerful and pure windstorm that changes intensity throughout the entire length of this MP3 recording. The sound of a variety of wind blowing, whistling, howling, gusting and ultimately relaxing the listener with it's natural white and pink noise properties has helped me sleep more times then I can count. I imagine myself staying in a rustic cabin or even climbing a mountain when I listen to this sound. This also makes an excellent noise and tinnitus masker. Since what we hear with our left ear varies from our right ear, this recording is binaural (stereo) and studio quality.

Recorded at Studio Quality 320 Kbit/s

size: 116 Megabytes

 duration: 50:00 minutes

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An 8 hour all night long version is available by clicking here

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