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Rain On A Tin Roof

Do you love the sound of rain on a tin roof?

The sound of rain falling on a tin roof has naturally soothing white noise properties that can have a sleeping pill effect on some people. We have mixed this recording down to the essence of this relaxing sound. It comes in three versions, with all being continuous and repeatable for those who like to put their audio players on repeat while they sleep. The first is the sound of rain on a tin roof recorded in stereo and the second has long rolling thunder in the background. The third version is a 65 minute special edition* recorded at 320 Kbit/s (studio quality) that also contains the occasional sound of raining on a window and periods of less intense rain. In this special mix all distant thunder is gone by minute 40. All are binaural (stereo) recordings to add spatial (depth and direction) qualities.

Recorded at 256 Kbit/s

size: 91 MB

duration: 50:00 minutes

*Special Edition recorded at studio quality 320 Kbit/s  size 150 MB  duration 65:00 minutes

$6.95listenRaining on a tin roofadd
$6.95listenTin roof, rain and rolling thunderadd
$8.95listen65 minute Special Editionadd

Our 8 hour all night long version is now available by clicking here

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