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Rain on a Window

The sound of rain on a window with continuously changing intensities. Every wonder why you feel so sleepy while looking out a window on a rainy day? This peaceful sound produces naturally relaxing White Noise that has a tendency to block out other distracting noises and when nothing is distracting you it is easy to become sleepy. This is a unique audio recording of a rain shower from taken from the perspective of being inside a house.

There are two versions available. The second version of Rain on a Window has rain gently striking a pane of glass with background rolling thunder added with no particular thunder sound ever being heard twice. Both versions of this relaxation sound are loop-able as they slowly fade in and out so plump up your pillow and put your MP3 or CD player on repeat.

Recorded at Studio Quality 320 Kbit/s

size: 143 Megabytes

 duration: 62:00 minutes


audio sample

rain on a window



audio sample

with added thunder



This sound is also available in an 8 hour version by clicking here

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