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Automobile in Rain

We've all been there. Looking out the window, taking in the scenery, anticipating the arrival to our destination... and getting very sleepy. There is something about the ambiance of an automobile going down the highway on a cloudy gray day that brings on the yawns. Maybe it's the rhythm of the windshield wipers, the drone of the car's engine, or maybe it is just the comfortable seats. Our virtual automobile has rain gently striking the windshield as it rolls on down a highway on a rainy day. Rainy Day Drive is for all of us 'long car trip' sleepers. Let us do the driving while you get some sleep. Two versions are available. The first has the car starting, occasional thunder and other sound effects. The second is simply the sound of wipers, rain on the windshield and engine noise.

Recorded at Studio Quality 256 Kbit/s

size: 82 Megabytes

 duration: 45:00 minutes

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audio sample




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