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Welcome our sleep music section. While we have many different nature sounds, the selections below contain some ambient music. These are not ocean waves set to harps or pianos, sound loops or field tapes. Our recordings are professionally mixed relaxing sounds with a significant difference from anything available. Money BackOur sound engineering and Foley effects put you in a virtually real environment. You hear steel drum's playing in the distance as you relax at a resort or take a peaceful stroll in a secret musical wind chime garden. Background music you hear on our recordings will be natural for the surroundings.

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Bayou Sounds

The Blue Bayou

61 minutes

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We head down south for this relaxing dreamscape as we find ourselves on the bayou. Rural guitar and distant Zydeco music briefly wafts in as every kind of cricket, katydid and frog you can imagine soothes the listener to sleep.

Wind Chimes

40 minutes


You are hiking on a windy evening and happen across a secret Japanese Bamboo garden full of wonderful relaxing musical wind chimes. A stream borders the garden and leads to a small waterfall. Over 20 different wind chimes of varying relaxing tones.

Beach Sounds

Day at the Beach

65 minutes


Spend the day at a tropical beach resort! Peaceful ocean waves combine with beach ambiance, including subtle mariachi and steel drum music that wafts in from time to time, to give you a virtual vacation. Feels so real you might wake up with a tan.

camping sounds

Camping With Friends

25 minutes


After a day long hike you arrive back in camp as evening falls. Your tent is near a campfire and adjacent to a small stream. Distant harmonica and guitar combines with camping ambiance, water, crickets, fire crackling and forest ambiance for sleeping. This one comes with a guided imagery option.

jungle canoe

30 minutes


You are canoeing a small river that is buttressed by thick foliage and jungle animals. Water sounds surround you as you pass a waterfall, indigenous tribal drums, some friendly elephants and end up sleeping in your hammock at your cabin.

Comes with a guided imagery option.

Ocean Sounds

25 minutes


You visit a South American fishing village for the day. There is a street festival in the town that runs adjacent to the shoreline. You explore an old pier and casually stroll down the beach. Waves, seagulls and musical street carnival ambiance relax you.

Christmas City

25 minutes


A Hansom Cab ride brings you a few blocks from your apartment. You travel on foot as the hail turns to snow. Comforting holiday ambiance surrounds you as you make it home before the snowfall.


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