About Lucid Dreaming

I do not write too much about this subject because of lucidity's esoteric nature. That is to say some people are put off by the metaphysical nature of the subject matter. However, lucid dreaming is considered fact amongst the vast majority of sleep professionals. After all, how can one fictionalize something that most humans have experienced? I have had hundreds of lucid dreams in my lifetime... and continue to have them. Being awake and in a dream is an exhilarating and life-affirming experience.

My theory of lucid dreaming is based on current popular beliefs that the big human brain transitions from Alpha (relaxed) to Theta (daydream) to Delta (deep sleep) brainwave patterns. Sleep occurs near the beginning of Delta brainwaves and reoccurs through the night in transitional areas of this brainwave state (as we first go into, then come out of Delta). REM, as you probably already know, stands for Rapid Eye Movement. This is a dream state that occurs much later in the cycle. However, when you initially fall asleep you immediately begin to have what is referred to as non-REM dreaming. I believe that the Theta state (that comfy daydreamy feeling you get right before falling asleep) and non-REM dreams are inherently tied together and sometimes overlap.

Our relaxing sound recordings, as I have stated before, work on the Theta state. Unlike other relaxing nature sounds that pretty much work in the Alpha state. Why? Because of the visualization elements that are in Virtual Dreams. Based on what I know today I feel secure in stating that lucid dreams occur in an overlap of non-REM dreams and the Theta brainwave state.

I do not construct our nature sounds for the purpose of inducing lucid dreams, however. It was a happy side-effect. What we do is assist the troubled sleeper into that Theta state, and thereby into Delta (asleep) by combining relaxing sounds with the mind's natural ability to visualize. Through a little effort on the sleeper's part to remain conscious it is possible for this phenomena to occur.

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