Virtual Dreamer

The Binaural Beat Goes On

I will keep this short and sweet. Binaural Beats... are auditory snake oil.

Life is binaural. To use a more exact phrase, life is heard in stereo (unless we are unfortunate enough to lose hearing in one or both ears). Binaural, as far as I am concerned, simply means 'in both ears'... or stereo. But the word binaural sounds more scientific. One of life's lessons is if people are pitching you something that they have to make sound more complex then it really is... then walk away. Lets consider the word 'beats'. Beats, as we know, are sounds in rhythm.  Like the beating of a drum. These recordings, ergo, are simply stereo sounds in rhythm. Pick a sound, any sound.  Put it in your left ear, then your right ear. Repeat. Are you feeling the magic? Me neither.

I have placed 'binaural beats' in some of our relaxation recordings when appropriate and natural. The dreamscape Cliff House has them in a few places. In this case they are in the sound of bubbles that the hot tub is making. You hear bubbles from the left and right speaker. But I will not say that they do anything magical except give the listener an interesting sound effect. All of our recordings are in stereo... I mean binaural. I call ours 'Virtual Dreaming' but maybe I should come up with a more scientific term.  Lets see, how about ' Binaural Theta Brainwave Generator' or something in that nature. On second thought Virtual Dreaming works for me.

Lastly, the Binaural Beat generation would like you to think these 'magic beans' of stereo sounds can help you do... anything. To see one of these sites search Google for "Binaural Beats" and "Astral Projection"  (pick a link, any link) . Lets see. They help you : Lucid Dream, Remote View, Astral Project, View Auras, Build Confidence, Find your Spirit Guide, Make Money, Lose Weight, Enhance Mental Telepathy, Grow Hair and Sleep. All for the incredibly low, low price of 14.95!!

Wow, for $14.95 we all can have super powers.

These days if I really want a good and relaxing binaural beat experience I put on an old Pink Floyd CD.

handI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.