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There's Thunder and then there's ...Thunder!

Being a world class insomniac I have purchased a few of those sleep machines in the past. I used them for a week or two and they all ended up collecting dust in junk drawers of yore. The problem was the sounds did not ring true. Maybe it was the quality of the speakers or maybe they were not diligent in capturing accurately the sounds that I knew so well.

Example: Here is a recording of thunder that is pretty much of a standard:

Well that's all good and fine. But that is not what I hear when listening to a storm. When I hear distant thunder it rolls... and the same thunder does not reoccur five minutes later.  I have counted thunder that rolled for over 40 seconds. Its not that unusual. Below is an example of our take on thunder and background rain. Note the rain also is binaural.

Relaxing thunder that is long and rolls; and that does not repeat, is what rings true to me and I don't think I will find it on any nature sound machine. Check out our Sound of Thunder section!

Pure Ambiance

We have just launched a new line of relaxation audio products called Pure Ambiance. While we will always cater to the chronic insomniac there are quite a few people that just want to put our sounds on repeat on their MP3 and bedside CD players. The new line is more conventional in that respect. There is less implied movement and certainly less in the way of visualization. In essence it is sound in it's purest form to get your relaxing Alpha brainwaves flowing. We have maintain the spatial quality and audio innovations that we put into all the sleep sounds but also realize that people who have less trouble falling asleep might just like the primary nature sounds that all our products offer.

We will be adding much more to the Pure Ambiance library in the near future.


handI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.