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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

We have a new CD & MP3 Distributor

I must admit that having someone distribute our special nature and relaxation sounds was the last thing on my mind but, after months and months of marketing [and the obligatory stress], I now realize that it is a very big world and using a third party website may not be such a bad idea.  We will always sell our MP3 downloads through this site but we have made the decision to also sell CD's and downloads through Nimbit who is a partner of iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, eMusic and Rhapsody. I'm still not crazy about selling actual packaged CD's. Packaged CDs have gone the way of dial-up modems, 3.5" micro-diskettes and Saturday mail delivery. However, there are some people who think these things are not antiquated and so we still must make provisions for them.

On the downside I do not think we will be able to sell our long MP3 versions through Nimbit but that is alright as they will always be available on this site. It seems that they have storage size limitations on individual tracks. I guess I could lower the quality to squeeze them down to size but that would be defeating the purpose. This is also one of the reasons we created the 12 minute versions. 12 minutes is about as short as we will go here. I personally never liked those nature CD's with 4 or 5 minute tracks. Who can get into anything that short? What purpose does it serve?

On a side note I remixed The Tin Roof Cabin recently. I was listening to it the other day ( I use them to sleep, too!) and thought the storm was a little too intense. I decreased the wind effect and also put in random rain striking a window and increased the channel separation of the fireplace sound while decreasing the actual length of the fire crackling as to not bleed into the rain on a tin roof sound.

Ahhhhh... that's better. It's not like I am obsessive compulsive or anything. OK... maybe a little but it's about time a real insomniac [me] who just happens to be an audio engineer made relaxation and nature sounds for other insomniacs and people who just want to de-stress.

Update: We decided years ago not to sell packaged CD's. The market is trending toward audio downloads so we have concentrated all our efforts to downloadable MP3s.