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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Falling Asleep to Old Time Radio

One of the keys to the innovation of virtual dreaming was my personal revelation that if one listens to old time radio shows and visualizes the scene then sleep might come easier. The effectiveness of any particular radio show to induce sleep was largely dependent on the production values of the show (i.e. audio effects, storyline and such).

old magazine coverWhen the atmospheric conditions are just right and the cloud layers bounce amplitude modulated radio waves down toward my little corner of the world I can occasionally tune into a radio program called 'When Radio Was'.  Last night was such a case as I scanned through the radio dial.  I decided to revisit my earlier discovery and really try to 'put myself in the scene' as it were to induce sleep... and once again it worked.

Our sleep sounds do not use narration or music. Simply nature sounds and/or naturally soothing sounds combined with audio effects to give the listener a vicarious feeling of 'being there'. However the basic idea of old time radio shows and virtual dreaming are similar in their ability to promote visualization.

I looked up the website for 'When Radio Was' and found it here. I thought some of our patrons might enjoy some personal exploration of their own into a different kind of visualization. Sometimes things that are old become new again.

On a side note this will probably be my last 'sleep thought' for 2009. The site is now about nine months old and is progressing well. Our return business is the thing that makes me feel good. It seems that when people 'get' us... they REALLY get us.  I enjoy reading emails and taking calls from people with new ideas and suggestions for improvements.  We (the collective we) are forging a new genre' here and any insight is deeply appreciated.  I hope your new year goes above and beyond your wildest dreams.

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