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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

The Best of Intentions: When Sleep CD's Go Wild

All of our Sleep CD's are made with the best of intentions... utilizing naturally relaxing sounds that, combined with visualization, induce sleep.  Most of our ideas make it to the 'big board' however, every now and then, some don't cut the mustard.

This was the case for Midnight on the Midway. It sounded like a good idea. It really did... or I would never have started it. But I did not have an ending in mind which, as it turns out, is a BIG problem. Click the arrows below to hear some samples from the never to be released Midnight on the Midway. 

Here we have the listener moving past a shooting gallery:

Okay, I thought, sounds real enough. Onward we walk (on gravel) past one of those recorded 'Freak Show' barkers and then past a carnival ride...

That's me, by the way, distorting my voice and doing the 'barking' about shrunken heads from the Congo. This was the beginning of my discontent with the dreamscape. Anyway, marching on we go to a midnight fireworks show:

That came out well. This occurred around minute 10:00 and made this an extremely long visualization sequence. Too long. Eventually we find our way into an animal pavilion features livestock where we get stranded in a rain storm. That ending killed it for me as there was nowhere to go with the 'spirit person' but to a bench under a canopy.

A Relaxation Recording Gone Wild

I tried to fix it. I had the listener get in a hot air balloon but that didn't work as there was a thunderstorm going on at night. So I took the storm out and and made it daytime. That did not work for me, either. Having spent too much time on it already I finally shelved it.

It was too busy. It was too active. It was too ...too... too much. Being quite the insomniac myself I have a visceral sense of what works and what does not. I spent days working on this scenario and might use bits and pieces of it in future virtual dreams. It did give me an idea for a more gothic fair. Maybe a medieval fair, who knows? But one thing is for certain from here on out I will know the ending before I begin. Why?

Because sleeping on a bench in the rain outside of a livestock pavilion at a county fair at midnight can't be fun.

Update: I did eventually put most of these sound effects into The Fairgrounds.