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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.


Conventional Relaxation and Nature Sounds vs. Us

Recently I had the opportunity to mix Koi Pond in Summer. It is a relaxing mental/audio journey to a small pond with a trickling waterfall during a windy day. I received an email the next day asking me to reconsider this more conventional approach as Virtual Dreamer's uniqueness is what they liked about the site. The implied question was 'am I getting more conventional?' (AKA becoming like any other relaxation and/or nature sounds site) and my answer is this: no.

There are visualization sequences in Koi Pond just like almost all the other dreamscapes, just fewer of them. Further still, other people have emailed and asked me why I don't make more conventional nature sounds. You know. Things that have soothing names like 'Morning Mountain Mist' and 'The Tidal Pool'. My answer is this: while I might venture into more conventional nature sounds in the future my passion is visualization and sleep onset. Having a sixty minute recording of a static atmosphere has its place but does very little to stimulate visualization or relaxation.

Anyhoo, I guess you can't please everyone. But such is life.

On a side note, my biggest issue right now is redesigning the homepage. Counting the sounds on the homepage, the sounds in the Specialty Vault, and the free tinnitus masking sounds we are well on our way to 35 relaxing dreamscapes. This has caused a bit of  sprawl on the homepage and has increased the initial download time of that single page. Not being a whiz-kid webpage designer I can use all the help I can get.

Lastly, I want to wish everyone a happy Halloween. I don't know about where you live but where I reside kids do not come trick or treating anymore. Is this is a sad statement about the fear based society we as Americans live in? I don't want to get off on a rant but when your/my country's chief export is war what do you expect? The government does its best to scare the people with terrorism, deadly flues, terrorism, molesters, evil drug doers, and did I mention terrorism? A fear based economy needs a fear based society. Without one how can such a massive military industrial complex exist?  Meanwhile our schools are going down the drain, there is no national health insurance, wars drag on, corporations rewrite laws with the assistance of their puppet congressmen and America ever so slowly loses it's identity. Just remember when the news media pulls out those staggering death statistics for the H1N1 virus during sweeps week that 100,000 unfortunate people in America die of influenza... year in and year out. I feel for the twenty-somethings out there who don't have collective memories of the good old days. I am old enough to I remember how it was... and it was good.

Postscript: So what does this all have to do with relaxing sleep sounds? Having just reread this entry I realize it's 'all over the place'. I further realize I need another cup of coffee. I guess I am a little sleepy myself. Anyhow,  Happy Halloween!

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