ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

This is a relatively new esoteric subject so I do not write about it often on this website. In fact, I have never written about it before today. Autonomous sensory meridian response ( ASMR ) is a term introduced a few years ago by Jennifer Allen on Facebook. Also called auto-sensory meridian response by some, this neurological phenomena is a pleasant tingling or buzzing sensation that occurs when certain sensory stimulation; including auditory such as whispering or calming sounds, are experienced by the listener.

Further, this sensation has been known to help those with insomnia and sleep-onset issues. I have been contacted by many people over the last few years that tell me that the act of visualizing to some of our versions of nature sounds; i.e. The Virtual Dreams, brings on an enjoyable ASMR sensation that make them feel comfortable, tingly and makes sleep onset easier.

This sensation appears to simulate that of a mother softly tickling her infant and has been compared to the comforting act of chimpanzees grooming one another. I have only recently joined some ASMR groups and am exploring this phenomena myself. I have always known that our recordings help people with chronic insomnia by stimulating visualization. This is simply because when we visualize we are using the same area of the brain as when we dream. This is not theory or a hypothesis. It is scientific fact.  It is not unusual to experience that warm fuzzy feeling you get as you drift off to sleep during the process of listening to one of our recordings. Could this be ASMR? I'm thinking yes, but I have more research to do. If anyone wants to research this sensation using our sounds please let me know if they help you in reaching this state of nirvana.

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