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In the Beginning... Talk About Stress!

In late 2008 I realized my business was in trouble. No, not this business but the hi-tech surplus business that I was in. I bought and sold upper-end audio test equipment and other esoteric technical stuff as they became available on the surplus market. But things were slowing. Companies were not selling their surplus but opting to hold onto it longer. One of my bigger sources for audio equipment was the U.S. government. The government's stockpile of surplus was running out as the country overspent in the last 10 years. The USA was/is broke. I was going broke, too. Cue the stress. My old sleep buddy insomnia came back for an extended visit.

Interestingly enough, I was going thru an old box of goodies from my Las Vegas days. We all have those boxes in our houses. Stuff we have not looked at in years. Old paperwork, odd tools from junk drawers of yore, and maybe some old CD's. Some old CD's? I saw one that I had not seen in years. It was marked with a felt pen :Sleep. How cool is that? It was my old sleep CD that I had used in Las Vegas during a particularly bad insomniac period. I listened to it that night and I wondered if I could make it better after all these years. I remembered that I had considered creating a relaxation and sleep CD company in 2003 with this new technique but soon thought better of it when contemplating the work involved. I had owned a small recording studio in the 80's and knew that something of this scope would not be easy. But things had changed drastically on the Internet in the last 6 years. There were audio file sharing sites and companies who sold esoteric audio for projects. I had quite an inventory of unsold audio equipment on hand also and a few good mics.

I started near the end of February 2009. Of course I had spent months before then mixing some of the early sounds (Fishing Village, Camping with Friends... etc.) and was still on the fence about doing this the day I put the site up. I told my friends and family about my plans but also made sure they understood that I did not want them to buy my sleep and relaxation CD's out of 'support' or 'pity'. I wanted this to stand, or fall, based on it's merits. And then the stress began as I waited and waited. It took 32 days to sell my first one. 32 days. My only customer did something unexpected two days later. She bought another one. Queue the smile.

Things have picking up considerably since then as the word is spreading. No, I am not getting rich. And no, I am not making a living at this... yet. But, being a world class insomniac myself, I know this new genre has 'legs'. Our return business is good and we actually have a few fans who I appreciate (and need) dearly. In retrospect I can thank the stress of the recession for helping me make a decision to do this.

It's odd how things like that work.

I have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.