Counting Sheep to the Nth Power : Sheep Sounds

I was chatting to someone on twitter explaining what I do and so on. They 'tweeted' back to me that it sounds like I have created recordings that super charged the concept of 'counting sheep'. I did not know how to answer that but, upon reflection, what she said to me is not that far off. For hundreds of years people have known that visualizing a relaxing nature scenario... a beach a mountain, a safe place... could induce relaxation. Equally known is that visualizing (and counting) animals in a field could potentially lull someone to sleep if for no other reason then boredom.  Its entirely possible, therefore, that I might put together a 'counting sheep' soundscape. I am not sure anyone would buy that sort of thing but that has not stopped me before.

We create sleep sounds that utilize the relaxing effects of nature sounds and other calming sounds that induce alpha brainwaves. Theta (extreme relaxation) and  Delta (deep sleep) brainwaves soon follow. But what we do is get those Alpha waves flowing. Alpha brainwaves are observed in sleep labs when the subject is awake but in a relaxed state. We do this by using binaural (a fancy word for stereo) recordings that emulate a real environment and combine that with natural sounds... thunderstorms, waves and such.

If we ever do make a counting sheep sound you would hear the sound of sheep's 'baaa' bleats and the wind and the sounds of hoofs as they jump over a small obstacle.  You might even hear some far off foreign sounding voices that sound like sheepherders. Who knows? It could happen.

Talk at 'cha later!