Virtual Dreamer

An Open Letter to Sleep Professionals

My name is Brad McBride and I am an insomniac. I am not your garden variety insomniac, mind you. I am world-class. My insomnia has ruined 1000's of night of rest, destroyed relationships, had me sedated for years with every kind of sleeping pill,  caused me to depend on alcohol to 'pass out', had me treated for depression, and forced me into innumerable trips to physicians. Finally in frustration I came up with the concept of Virtual Dreaming. You see, my problem was falling asleep. I simply could not. There was something holding back the process. Whenever sleep was near I would become alert again as if hearing a kind of internal fire alarm.

Through my own research (trust me, no one else was going to do it) I found that certain old radio shows had a calming effect on my big human brain. Old time radio obviously utilized visualization to get its story across. Through trial and error I discovered that 'stories without words' could help me fall asleep. This is not hypnosis. There is nothing subliminal going on. Virtual Dreams' are easily visualized scenarios using naturally relaxing sounds. By simple visualization on my part sleep could be attained so easily that I was profoundly changed. I no longer dread thought of going to bed. But, if you take away the 'virtual dreams' the problem comes back. Why? I don't know. That's what I was hoping you, the professional, could tell me.

Now, I have a layman's knowledge of Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave states. I have read many books and articles about REM and transitional states. Recently I have been reading about the Primary and Secondary Visual Cortex. All interesting stuff. But I don't have EEG machines, a lab, or any of the bells and whistles that you, the professional, have at your disposal.

Here is my offer: I will provide any or all of my 'virtual dreams' dreamscapes to any sleep professional or laboratory worldwide at no charge. These are to be used for the study of falling asleep. All I ask is that your insomnia patients visualize.

The Virtual Dreams sleep recordings become more potent and relaxing with each listen. I assume that is because the visualizations become easier to anticipate. There is also the interesting (and quite exhilarating) side-effect of occasional lucid dreams.

Why? You tell me.

Simply contact me via email or at 256-886-5094

handI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.