Delta Tones? Nature Sounds can induce Delta brainwaves but...

There is a site on the 'net that boasts their Sleep CD's have calming Delta tones. Oh, and they have peaceful Alpha sounds. I have not looked but would not be surprised if they stated they had Theta tones in their soothing nature sounds sleep CDs. One little problem:

There is no such thing.

What this obviously non insomniac is implying is that he has magically come up with an audible version of brainwaves. Not gonna happen! The most irritating 'sleep CD' sales pitches on the 'net are these individuals who pitch crap like it was cupcakes... like the 'subliminal' sleep sound  recordings that help you become rich. The truth is that nature sounds like ocean waves, thunderstorms and the like can induce relaxing Alpha and Theta brainwaves... but there is no such a thing as Theta and Alpha sounds. But there is a sucker born every minute.. or so they say.

It's actually a sad state of affairs when non-insomniacs conjure up fake science to pitch to us true insomniacs. To this I say... insomniacs , unite! We'll start a movement and have a sleep-in on the White House lawn.

Of course, no one would sleep.

Talk at 'cha later!