To Sell Nature CD's or Not

I have been asked several times why we only do CD quality MP3 downloads and do not sell relaxation and sleep sounds CD's. Well, here's my answer: If we sold and shipped CD's it would limit our growth. They would also be markedly more expensive. Now, recently we had a deal with a distribution company for our products to be shipped as CD's but at the last minute they wanted $5.50 per sleep CD to do so. Oh, and they would have added a shipping and handling charge that only the buyer would see. That seemed like an awful lot of money. It would have made our products cost in the range of 12.95 to 14.95 each... before shipping charges.

Another factor is that I have not bought a CD in the 'record store' for years and years. I do occasionally buy individual songs online and burn them to a CD. To me, downloading media is the future. .. and downloading our MP3's only takes 3 to 8 minutes on high speed bandwidths.

hand holding CDIf you have a writable CD in your computer and download one of our sleep MP3s then you can make audio CD's that play in a regular CD player simply by selecting 'Burn CD' in Window's Media Player. Depending on your system speed, burning a 65 minute audio CD can take 3 to 15 minutes. The people that would like us to sell and ship CD's usually have bandwidth issues, i.e. they are still on dial-up. I understand their frustration and can only suggest if they really want our recordings to find a high speed outlet; a friend's house or the library, to download and burn the CD. If you absolutely have to get an audio CD, and you live in the wilderness maybe you can email me and we can work something out. But, for right now, we have no intentions of selling and shipping our sleep sounds as audio CD's.

But, you never know, that could change.

I have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.