nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Fever Dreams

Last Monday morning started like most Monday mornings for me. Up at 8:00 AM, coffee in hand, and headed down to my studio. I did not feel 'right' when I woke up but hey... it was Monday morning... so what's new? Within an hour I sensed that something might really be wrong with my body chemistry as the java beans were not working their usual java bean magic. By 10:00 AM a fever had begun and I was 'driving the porcelain bus' as it were. I gave back all the morning's coffee and a few other undigested goodies in three violent upchucks.

I was ill and began the slow slog to my sick bed.

I was laid up for 24 hours. In that lost day I slept for about 18 hours. I also discovered that virtually real audio environments had a side benefit. When I was awake and feeling crappy I put on 'A Day at the Beach' and visualized feeling strong, strolling a sugar white sand beach and enjoying myself. It was comforting and led to some wonderful 'fever dreams'.

I have heard from others who use our sounds for chronic pain but this was the first time I had used them while sick myself. While I was not in that much pain I was confined to my sick bed physically. But mentally I was in Cancun... yes, it was in my dreams but it was delightful. The next day the fever broke I felt 120% better and, besides sounding like George C. Scott due to the inappropriate use of my windpipe, I returned to my studio with coffee in hand. I do not know if I had the flu or ate a bacteria laced meal. I did not care. It was over.

As I continue this adventure of discovery in this new genre I will keep in mind some of the other applications of virtually real audio environments. Like being laid up sick in bed. If you are going to have fever dreams they might as well be fun ones!

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