The History of Nature Sounds: Part 1


Nature sounds prior to the Internet era were pretty much all the same. You had the standards: ocean waves, thunderstorms, waterfalls, crickets, flowing rivers, and birds... and more birds. Only a few companies put out these recordings as distributing them was a major undertaking. Then came the 'New Age' music era. You pretty much had all the same sounds but Celtic harp, pan flute, piano and other relaxation music were added to the mix. It was all very nice and certainly relaxing. The next gizmo to be added to the 'nature sound' genre' was nature sound 'machines'. These could range from cheap alarm clocks, with the aforementioned nature sounds built into microchips, to much more extensive devices. Now there are 'virtual' sleep sounds Apps for Iphones... but they all still have the same problem. They are looped sounds and therefore the repetitiveness of the audio can cause listeners to quickly bore of the noise.


I like to think that we, The Virtual Sound Company, have innovated the next generation of nature sounds. Our recordings are unique as they are specifically designed for sleep induction. Of course, we have our versions of more conventional relaxation recordings in the Pure Ambiance section, but overall our sounds are recorded to promote visualization and, therefore, sleep.  We use distant background audio to simulate and stimulate . By simulating an actual environment (i.e. airliner sounds, being on a beach vacation) we are stimulating the listener's imagination. This visual imagery occurs in all of our brains in a region known as the Secondary Visual Cortex. It is the same area that is stimulated during meditation involving imagery. As nature would have it; it is also the same place that is stimulated during dreaming. Ergo, Virtual Dreamer. 


So, when you hear distant volleyball players on a beach... visualize the volleyball players. When you hear the buckling of seat belts on the airliner... picture it in your mind. This will assist you in reaching the Theta brainwave state. The Theta brainwave state is the jumping off point to deep sleep.  I sometimes refer to it as the daydream state.


Visualizing to achieve deep relaxation is nothing new. History tells us people have been meditating for hundreds of years. Nature sounds are nothing new. Combining the two is new and it has helped this insomniac conquer some pretty serious sleeping issues. This is why we can, and do, guarantee it.