nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Ideas in our Sleep

There is a popular misconception that our brains shut down while we sleep. This could not be further from the truth as the human brain continues crunching information during our slumber. Some information gleaned from our previous wake state is discarded while other items we experienced are filed into our non-volatile memory. While all of this brain activity is going on, nature has given us the wonderful gift of dreaming to keep us preoccupied. Our dreams bring us symbol ridden images that are 'user specific'. Just as the things you will dream about are very distinctly 'you',  ideas that present themselves to you in a dream are uniquely your own. Here is an example of an idea that came to me in a dream.

I own a Siamese cat named Oscar... or should I say he owns me? He is a very bright, impish and willful feline who is not given to cuddling or other such cattish behavior. He likes to play, eat and irritate me by wanting to talk at all hours of the night. I love him dearly. Recently he was gifted a cat bed. Just a basic bed with rolled up edges and made out of faux sheep fur. He took to it immediately.  He stays in it for hours, quite often 'kneading doe' on the fake sheepskin, purring quite loudly and, in general, acting like a peaceful contented kitty and not the devilish monkey-cat I am used to. Many nights ago I had a dream. I saw Oscar with another feline which I assumed to be his mother. Oscar was laying next to the much bigger feline and, as I approached, the bigger cat morphed into a cat bed. These things will happen in dreams. I woke up thinking 'what a cool idea! A bed, made out of furry material, that looks like a big cat. I jotted the idea down in my journal, clicked 'play' on my CD, a fell back asleep listening to Jumbo Jet. A few days later I was reviewing my journal for ideas I could write about here. I saw my note about the bed idea. By this time I had forgotten about the idea completely as generic dreams have a tendency to not be remembered in the long term. This note, this memento, jogged my memory of the event and reinvigorated my feeling that it really was a good idea... for someone in the pet bed business.


I photoshopped a facsimile of my dream idea:

cat bed


I have a visceral sense that a product like this would be successful in the cat bed market. I also know I will never make this bed. I do not have the skill set that could even produce the prototype. I can't sew. But I still believe we should pay attention to ideas that come to us in our dreams and I keep a journal at my bedside for just that reason.



My cat



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