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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Innovative Sounds for Sleep

'I urge you to move away from silence with intention and to design soundscapes just like works of art. Have a foreground, a background all in beautiful proportion... Sound design is the future'


-Julian Treasure during TED presentation in July 2010


When I innovated our unique take on nature and sleep recordings, having both foreground and background audio, it was not done with the intent of selling MP3 downloads. It was done out of my own desperate attempt to fall asleep. Small clues to my insomnia revealed themselves over time and eventually I came to conclude that certain natural and nature sounds, combined with subtle background sounds that set a certain mood or scene and could be visualized, eased my particular sleep problem immensely. It certainly helped that I had a background in audio engineering. This epiphany occurred sometime around 2003. The fact is that a full 5 years passed before this site was created. My basic thought about creating this website was this : If it works for me, having the worst insomnia of anyone I ever met, then it can work for anyone. The confluence of insomnia, tinnitus (ringing ears), audio engineering, and a modest knowledge of website design led to the creation of this website.

We are all unique in the universe. You are a product of all of your experiences - both good and bad. Both the hardships that you have suffered through and the triumphs you have enjoyed have given you a skill set totally unique to the world. It is my belief that every individual has a contribution that only they can bring forward to the world we live in. To choose not to pursue what you feel is a good idea is a tragedy.

The simple fact is our world needs innovators. What we as individuals bring forth to the world can and will change it for the better, and further it is my belief that to not act on an innovation you know, through your experiences, could help civilization can only serve to limit the progress of mankind.  So, whether you create a better mousetrap or a smarter mouse, I have a feeling the world will thank you someday.

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