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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Making and Marketing a MP3 Sound Site

A few days ago I realized that was completed. Not our unique nature and sleep sounds themselves, as that work will go on for quite a long time, but the site itself.

It was quite a chore that required a nine month commitment. I am no web page designer guru so there was a heck of a learning curve to assimilate. I have to admit I thought it would be much easier then it was. But now that it is done (at least phase one) I feel good about the process. I could write a book about it... but I won't.

Things I had to learn: Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Density, CGI script,  Javascript, Perl, Flash, Monetizing, AdSense, AdWords, Pay per Click, Click-Through Rates, Analytics, and on and on. All of this is counter intuitive for a guy like me as I make relaxing soundscapes not web pages.  But if you want to call the tune you have to pay the piper. So I mustered up all the dusty left brain cells I had left to accomplish the task. I am a right brain guy. Always have been. Phase two of the project will be visibly less noticeable as I construct a searchable database. I will use (probably) something called PHP to create fundamentally unique pages based on individual choices. I am not really looking forward to that as I have the feeling it will take all the left brain energy I have left... which is admittedly not much. This next phase will begin when I feel we have enough sleep sounds to justify such a venture. Right now there are about 34 or so Virtual Dreams.  I can see Phase 2 coming in around 50 soundscapes... sometime next summer probably. <gulp>

One of the good things about completing the site is getting back to the work I love. Making interesting and relaxing sound environments reminds me of why I got into this Internet business to begin with. To help others who, like me, have trouble relaxing and falling asleep. That work will never be finished.