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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

My Lucid Dream

I woke up early this morning. Oscar, a Siamese cat with an attitude, woke me up by pacing on my back to let me know there was only about one hour's worth of food left in his dish. He's very demanding. It was still dark outside. In fact it was three hours before my normal waking time. I arose, puttered around the house a bit, fed the cat and soon realized that I was still very sleepy. When you wake up in the middle of the night your mind is probably still in the Theta or Alpha brainwave state and still very relaxed so it is easy to fall back to sleep. We (me and the cat) hopped back into my bed.

Being an insomniac myself I usually have three or four virtual dreams on my nightstand so I thought wouldn't it be fun to have a lucid dream. I know through research that the best time to experience a lucid dream is when slipping back to sleep from a prematurely awakened state. In lucid dreaming vernacular this is called a Wake Induced Lucid Dream or WILD. I put my ear-buds in and started the sleep sound 'Camping with Friends' . All the while I was reminding myself that I was about to dream and I was going to wake up in the dream. I visualized the campsite, the woods, the campfire....

Already relaxed, within a minute or two I was asleep. When I began dreaming I did not end up in a camping scene but was in a house full of strangers. They were all laughing and someone was playing an old guitar of mine. I reminded myself that I had sold that guitar 5 years ago which brought on immediate lucidity. I walked outside and the wind was blowing so hard the trees were bending. I then did the thing I almost always do in a lucid dream. I flew. The incredible detail of flying over the treetops was mind boggling.

The entire LD ( Lucid Dream ) probably only lasted 90 seconds but what a 90 second ride! In a LD things appear as real as they do in waking life. To me it is like experiencing a different dimension. I do not construct the recordings for lucid dream induction. They are for sleep onset and relaxation. But occasional LD's can and do happen.

Anyway, it was an intense and wonderful experience I wanted to share with you.

Enjoy the day.