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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Relaxation and Sleep Issues: My Insomnia Begins

I have made many references to my own personal battle with insomnia on this site and thought I would use this time to go in more detail about it. I am one of the few insomniacs that can pinpoint with certainty when my insomnia began. It was sometime in 1981. I was playing in band at the time. Not a very good band, but certainly a loud one. I owned a small recording studio called 'Creative Concepts'. It never made any real money but was a good place to practice for my band and quite a few others in the area. Occasionally I would take a jog in the mornings. One particular early morning I ran past a building that made American flags. There was a ditch that ran along side the building and as I passed it I noticed a strong odor in the air. So strong in fact that it made my eyes water. I realized I was in a toxic vapor 'cloud' and ran past as fast as I could. I returned home and the itching began. All exposed areas of skin began to break out in a rash within 24 hours. Off to the doctor I went. He diagnosed a severe case of contact dermatitis and prescribed some medication. That night I laid down to go to sleep and had my first 'episode'. As I drifted off to sleep I felt a very strong pressure in my head. So intense was this sensation that I bolted out of bed in a kind of 'fight or flight' state. I did not know it at the time but my sinuses were also reeling from the effects of the cloud of vapor I had jogged through. Back to the doctor I went and was prescribed some steroid nose spray and some anti-inflammatory medication... but the weird insomnia continued night after night.

Tinnitus and Insomnia

About the same time as all of this my ears started ringing. My tinnitus was due to playing in a blues-rock band and not wearing ear protection.  Between my ears ringing, my deviated septum (from an accident in my youth) and the damage done to my sinuses due the the caustic vapor cloud my sleep would never be the same. The combination of all these conditions caused an insomnia 'complex' that lasts to this day.

The journey to find relief from my sleepless nights began back in 1981. I pursued the usual remedies: sleeping pills, homeopathic herbs, hypnosis, even an 'out there' regressive hypnotherapy session (where I was told I drowned in a previous lifetime). No help. Years turned into decades. Sometime in 2002 or 2003 I began putting relaxation audio recordings together that simulated a real environment and utilized soothing natural or nature sounds to promote deep relaxation and sleep.

Adding sounds that complimented the peaceful nature sounds and enhanced the ability to visualize seemed to be the 'magic dust' that my mind needed to relax and fall asleep. Six years later the innovation that helped me so much became this site... and my passion.

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