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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.


Muscle Relaxation Techniques


The Internet is a big place. It is chock full of good, bad, valuable, and completely worthless free MP3 downloads for sleep and relaxation. Some of the best freely distributed downloads can be found at college websites. Such is the case for a progressive and natural muscle relaxation recording I found while on the University of North Carolina's website. They have a variety of MP3 relaxation downloads (all voice guided suggestions) that are freely distributed. One in particular caught my attention. It is an 18 Meg MP3 file that is about 20 minutes in length. They call it a Progressive Muscle Relaxing Session. I have found that systematically relaxing muscle groups in my body helps with curtailing insomnia*. You can download this free progressive muscle relaxation MP3 audio below:


progressive muscle relaxation free download



Our Free Tinnitus Masking Downloads


We have some free downloads on our Tinnitus Masking Page. This page was created to highlight some of our sounds that assist in cancelling out background noise, such as ringing ears. The closest sound that emulates Virtual Dreaming is the Niagara download. This utilizes some visualization sounds combined with the sound of a waterfall that ultimately melds into Pink Noise.


An interesting audio combination for those dealing with insomnia would be to find a muscle relaxation session (a guiding voice) that you are comfortable with and follow that up with one of our nature soundscapes. Just a thought.



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*Insomnia can be an indication of a serious underlying health condition. Our opinions are in no way intended to be taken as medical advice. If you feel your insomnia issue warrants it please seek the advice of a qualified physician.