Repetitive Terms: Nature Sounds (Over and Over, Again)

So, you have been reading my journal and you keep finding terms like relaxing sounds, nature sounds, and sounds for sleep. I am the culprit. I really thought that was how it was done. But I have started to see the light. You may have noticed that I am starting to write copy on this webpage that is more to the point and less to the search engine's point of view. When you first start up a website that is an e-commerce biz you are shocked by how few hits you get. Search websites simple will not direct traffic your way. You are too new. I can understand this but there are dozens of sites that show up before ours that are poorly designed and/or have not had dynamic content in over 5 years. Be this as it may, search engines set the rules and we follow them. I personally think they are causing what I have termed web-rot... but that's just me.

The term 'Relaxing Nature Sounds', and those three words individually, show up repeatedly on our homepage for a simple reason. To get any hits at all you have to lay claim to a single phrase. When you are a new site you can pretty much forget about a two word phrase... i.e. Sleep CD. You have to go for a more esoteric term. I chose 'relaxing nature sounds'.  It 'kind of' fit.... kind of.  But it's really not what we are about. What we do is very direct. We help insomniacs get some sleep. Specifically, insomniacs with over-active minds. Yes, we have nature audio recordings that are used for relaxation... mostly. We also have jetliner recordings, scuba diving recordings, hiking sounds, beach party audio, rain on tin roof sounds, train MP3's, and so on.

So, I guess what I am saying is I am tired of playing the search optimization game. I promise all our patrons that I will be more to the point when writing future copy for this site. P.S. I worked the term 'relaxing nature sounds' into this post three times. Woo Hoo!