virtual dreamer

nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Our Nature Sounds Are Different

I was perusing through some other sites today (I do that kind of thing occasionally) and noticed one site that seemed to make a not so vague reference to our site. They wrote that their nature sounds did not have any distracting background sounds like some new sites. I chuckled to myself as I knew that whoever was behind that particular site did not get us at all.... and by us I mean insomniacs. We are more of a sleep CD company then a nature sound company. 

Yes, we use soothing natural and nature sounds. That is to promote Alpha brainwaves. This is what virtually all relaxing nature sounds do as the 'white noise' properties of rain, ocean waves, waterfalls and wind have a tendency to induce these relaxation brainwaves. In the early minutes of most of our recordings we add visualization sequences strictly through audio effects alone. By promoting visualization we stimulate the secondary visual cortex. This is the same part of our brains that is active in REM sleep. This audio experience facilitates the transition from Alpha (relaxed) to Theta (daydream) to Delta (deep sleep) . In a sense its like assisted meditation but instead of a disembodied voice guiding the listener we only use sounds... and the listeners natural ability to visualize.

Emulating Real Nature Sounds

The closest sleep sounds we have to emulate basic 'nature sounds' are Stormy Beach and Bedtime Storm. There is a place for static nature atmospheres and we might pursue that in the future but for now the dozens (if not hundreds) of nature sound sites on the 'Net need not be concerned. The dreamscapes with the most visualizations are the sounds of sailing and hiking sounds.  I am currently working on a visualization gauge that will be an indication of how many visualizations are in any particular dreamscape.

So, its true. Guilty as charged. We do use background sounds to promote visualization and sleep onset. You might hear a plane pass at a distance, hear a far off train, a flag flapping, distant voices... but all in the context of the dreamscape's environment

I hope everyone has a great New Year!