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I have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Our Relaxation CD's Get Noticed

*When I first wrote this a few years back we still sold CD's. We no longer sell CD's, only MP3 downloads.

Recently I found out that a magazine /e-zine called Trend Hunter (at has put a little blurb about our relaxation sounds on their site and/or magazine. This was under the heading of Dream Enhancing CDs : The Most Unique Nature Sounds on Planet Earth and was written by Tisah Tucknott. The following is the article in its wafer-thin entirety.

"We have all heard of relaxation CDs and downloads that have sounds of ocean waves, thunderstorms, crying crickets and rain, but does something quite different with these sounds. Using intricate audio techniques, they put the listener in a unique relaxing scenario to induce visualization and ultimately, sleep.

In essence, they are putting ‘context’ back into ocean waves, thunderstorms and rain to virtually transport the listener to a unique place in time. So, simple ocean waves transport you to a Mexican resort, and wind puts you in a garden with clanging wind chimes. "

That's it. Nothing more. Crying crickets? Clanging wind chimes? I am not too sure about those odd adjectives. Further, I don't get the heading tag of 'Dream Enhancing CD's' but they say any press is good press so I am happy someone noticed our little company. I am still waiting for a Big Kahuna media-type to take notice of our unique relaxation sounds. You never know!

Stranger things have happened.

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