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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Relaxation through Visualization

This blog is about insomnia, mainly. I have had chronic insomnia most of my adult life. To add to my sleep issues I have Tinnitus (ringing ears) in both my ears at two different high pitched frequencies. I have made all the rounds... sleep labs, neurologists, hypnotists and so on with no real help. Many years ago I discovered that I could fall asleep much easier listening to old time radio shows by simply visualizing the scene. This was a great help with sleep onset but did nothing for my tinnitus. I put two and two together and began making nature sounds containing natural sound masking audio properties with specific audio scenarios; hiking, boating, riding a train, etc, and soon innovated a new method to fall asleep fast. I learned that the human brain has three natural brainwave states that every insomniac should know about. Alpha (relaxed), Theta (daydreaming) and Delta (asleep). Some relaxing nature recordings contain white noise properties. White noise naturally masks ocean soundsirritating noises. This is why some nature and natural sounds have a tendency to induce Alpha (relaxation) brainwaves, much like the way you feel on a beach listening to ocean waves or staring out a window on a rainy day. If we add background audio that can be imagined then this form of visualization can induce the Theta (daydreaming) brainwave state. The Theta state prepares out brains for sleeping by forming seemingly random images in our secondary visual cortices (aka cortex). The natural progression to falling asleep is Alpha-Theta-Delta. Waking up reverses this process. Dreams occur near the beginning and end of the Delta brainwave cycle.  When we visualize we are using the same area of our brain; the secondary visual cortex, as when we are dreaming. This is not theory but scientific fact. Ergo the name virtual dreamer.


There are dozens of entries to this blog that you might find to be of some help to your particular insomnia issue but the central idea is that by the use of simple visualization methods, combined with relaxation, the process of falling asleep is greatly enhanced. Whether it is waking up too early, dependency on alcohol or drugs for sleep, black-out curtains; or more esoteric subject matter such as lucid dreaming, hypnotism or the collective unconscious, I have tried to cover as many subjects as I could imagine when creating this blog.


Every now and then I go off topic and talk about the audio business or some other topic but, in general, it is about insomnia. So, peruse the site and I hope you find something within that can assist you in your quest for slumber.


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