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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Discovering Other Uses for Our Relaxation Sounds

The primary focus of this site is to provide relief to insomniacs. Whether that insomnia is brought on by stress, a hyperactive mind or Tinnitus (ears ringing) does not matter as I have discovered that masking distracting sounds and providing other relaxation sounds that enhance visualization can improve sleep dramatically. I am the worst insomniac I know and it works for me. With that said it is interesting to note that other uses for 'virtually real sound environments' have cropped up over the 18 months we have been in business.


Chronic Pain Management


We have begun highlighting some of the other uses creative people have found for our recordings. These included Chronic Pain Management, pain control through the use of sounds and educational audio aids.  In addition to these some companies involved in the recording of music have found our relaxing sounds to be excellent backdrops to particular compositions. We have also had one hypnotist (that I know of) that has found our recordings to be a good addition to his craft because of the diversity of relaxing scenarios.


Educational Audio Aids


It has become quite apparent to me, being a master of the obvious, that teachers and daycare workers are finding interesting ways to use our unique relaxing nature sounds as audio aids. If you are a teacher, or know of a teacher, looking for creative ways to stimulate children's imagination then direct them to our site!


The aim of will never change. But it is nice to see other genres discovering uses for our audio. It is yet to be determined if these other uses might spawn their own websites but, for now, you will see references to them pop up along the bottom of the pages. But don't be concerned as this will always be an insomnia site that just happens to be run by an insomniac.


What a coincidence!

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