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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Sleep and Dreams: Concepts Derived in Dreams

We create audio dreamscapes that give the illusion of being in an actual environment.  The desire to sleep was the mother of this innovation as I have chronic insomnia and have had for decades.

New innovations are out there. To discover them all we have to do is trust our instincts.

A few nights ago I had an odd dream. I dreamt that I was watching a play. The actors were very recognizable. There was George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Even Kirsty Ally made an appearance. I found myself walking up on stage during the performance.  I realized that these famous actors were not on stage but it was an illusion being projected onto facades. Even the sets were illusions. I woke up from my sleep thinking what a wonderful idea it was to use powerful projectors to give the illusion of a three dimensional stage play. I searched on YouTube and found this:

(video removed)

What most people see when they look at that video is a very cool light show. I see a growth industry.  If I knew about video (which I don't) and computer animation (which I don't) I would get on Ebay, buy a relatively low priced used projector, and start developing my own company that would specialize in this new genre'... as it would be relatively easy to break into this. By easy I mean financially as I am sure there are 100's of hours that go into the creation of 3-D projections against an established facade. One could secure contracts with cities or private industry to put on these shows, do 3-D advertising, or even get into more generic holiday lighting. One could even develop a 3-D projection play or movie. Anyway, just a thought.

Ideas come from everywhere. They are in the air.  They are in our dreams.

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