virtual dreamer

nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Sleep and Visualization

I would like to get a little more in-depth about the visualization process and sleep onset. As I have pointed out previously the big human brain goes from Alpha (relaxed) to Theta (daydream) to Beta (Deep Sleep) . Our Sleep MP3 downloads bridge the Theta gap by simulating a unique situation, through the use of soothing sounds,  that can be visualized. This I believe induces the natural onset of Theta brainwaves and continues the process to Delta (deep sleep).  Many of us, myself included, have purchased 'sleep sound' machines, CD's and downloads that have ocean waves, or thunderstorms, crickets or maybe a babbling brook. They might work for a short time, but the effect soon wears off. Why? The sound you are hearing has been distilled from its original context. The idea behind these sounds is to relax the listener... or induce the Alpha state. This might help to relax us but does little or nothing for the Theta brainwave state. 

Virtually Real Sleep Sounds

cliff by oceanWe use the same soothing audio in our sleep sounds but add context back into the mix. So, ocean waves become a tropical beach resort. You will hear (for awhile anyway) mariachi music that 'wafts' in, distant laughter, possibly a beach volleyball game in the distance, maybe a sightseeing plane that flies overhead ... in other words, sounds that one might actually hear in this particular scenario. Utilizing a little visualization on the listener's part, daydreamy Theta brainwaves soon follow.  A more basic view of 'virtual dreaming' is to think of it as an virtual daydream.

Unlike simple ocean wave recordings our Sleep CD's become more potent the more times you listen to them. Why? Because knowing the sequence of events make the visualizations increasingly easier. Someone recently asked me if I was subliminally hypnotizing them. Not at all. The big human brain, during a relaxed state, can visualize almost independently of its owner...

Too bad it does not come with an owner's manual.