Come Fly with Me : Airliner Sounds

There are other 'airliner' sounds you can find on the Internet. The calming effect of being on a jet during a long flight is well known. Maybe it's the drone of the engines or the pressurized air. Maybe its the fact that you are going somewhere new, possibly on vacation, and you are ready to relax anyway. I have heard some of these audio 'takes' on airliner ambiance. They did not work for me. Not because of the quality of the sounds... but because of the lack of visualization.

airline soundsYou see, I am a hardcore insomniac. World class. What I needed was to bridge my Alpha (relaxation) brainwaves to my Theta (dream onset) brainwaves. Sounds, as well-intentioned as they might be, by themselves just don't do it for me. I needed a virtual real environment to promote visualization and sleep onset. My brain needed to, in effect, 'believe' it just might really be on a jet.  Ergo, Jumbo Jet . We hear the jet taxi, attendants and pilots speaking, people moving about, and soon we take off. Then we hear the landing gear go up, the waa-waa sound of the jet 'banking' and finally the murmur of other relaxed flyers. Yes, there are the familiar beeps and dings and the drone of the engines but there is so much more. Jumbo Jet works on many levels.

Jumbo Jet is also very representative of what we are doing here. In essence, we create virtually real sound environments to promote visualization. Combined with naturally soothing sounds these virtual environments lead to sleep onset. If you are an insomniac, or just want to fall asleep quickly, give it a try. I think you might be pleasantly surprised that there really is something new for sleep onset that does not come in pill form.

Talk at 'cha later!