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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Relaxation Sounds for Sleep

We all been there. That special place with peaceful and relaxing sounds. It could be listening to the rain on your rooftop, riding on a train, or hearing the waves break as a storm comes in. There is something about certain settings that affects us individually. Personally I cannot stay awake on a long jet ride. Why? I don't know. I'm a chronic insomniac but it gets me every time I fly long distances. It could be the natural white noise or the fact that I was anxious about flying to begin with and, after the plane makes a good takeoff, I simply relax. Ergo, Jumbo Jet.

What do most people think about when they are having trouble falling asleep? A vacation spot, maybe? Or possibly a place from their past that they found peaceful. Individual experiences are wide ranging. We have covered many different relaxing scenarios but there are literally hundreds of sleep sounds we could pursue... and we will as over time we will be adding dozens of new dreamscapes.

Currently we have four more in the works. A bicycle ride, a balloon ride, a cityscape, and something that I call Everest... which is a mountain climbing soundscape featuring wind, snow and other secondary sounds one might hear at 26,000 feet. Some of best ideas have come from patrons of Virtual Dreamer who have contacted us on the telephone or via email. The Old Lighthouse and Twilight Golf are two such examples.

The one thing that all the relaxation sounds for sleep we produce have in common is that they all end up with a relaxing main sound to lull the listener into deep relaxation. Be it waves, rain, or the sound of jet engines humming away. Some people have told me that our sounds are like a virtual theme park ride... starting slowly with audio-enhanced visualizations (no narration) and eventually leading to sleep. In a sense it is akin to assisted mediation. Being that there is no narration, it is the listener's mind that paints the pictures that the sounds outline. This is the simple beauty of our ongoing project. By imagining and visualizing we utilize some of the same brain functions as we do when we are dreaming.

If you have an idea for future sounds for sleep please let us know . Drop us an email . If we record it we will give you the first copy... free. You can email me at:

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