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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Stress and the Nature Sounds Biz

Written in 2009. On May 1st the decision was made to move to a new host company. We were previously hosted with Inuit/Homestead but I had become increasingly frustrated with the lack of options that were available to us. I refer to it as 'Intuit/Homestead' as Intuit (the Quicken guys) bought Homestead and are slowly phasing out Homestead. It was not that Intuit was a bad host site. They just have limited options. Options such as Wordpress (why this blog looks odd) PHP and compression are simply not available on Intuit/Homestead. While these things are rather esoteric I can assure you that they have their importance in presenting an efficient, informative and fast loading webpage on the Internet. I researched the bigger host companies and chose for virtualdreamer's new dedicated website. This was the beginning a long stress filled process. Intuit/Homestead did everything in their power to block the transfer. They told me I would have to speak to their 'legal' department (which was complete BS) .They told me I was making a mistake. They acted like I was breaking up with them ... sad at first but soon angry. They delayed the transfer of the domain as long as they could. I had the feeling they were telling me something like 'sure, you can move your website... when you pry it from our cold dead fingers!' But, a week ago today, virtualdreamer was forcefully pried from their icy grip and given to GoDaddy.  I did, however, keep an account open with Intuit/Homestead... just in case.

I guess my point is you never know a hosting company's true nature until you break up with them. While things at the GoDaddy end have proceeded much smoother I have some issues with them, also. These have all been technical in nature and I am sure they will be worked out in short order. I am hoping that moving a website to a new host is not one of those activities that fall under the idiom ''better the devil you know than the devil you don't'. 

P.S. While I am just venting about the stress of moving the site I would like to point out that the actual product download site,, continues to be exemplary .

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