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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.


Tanzania Dreamin: The Hyperbole' of Nature Recordings

I was looking over some other sites (yes, I sometimes do that type of thing) that sell nature and/or sleep CD's and MP3's. They do pretty much all the same thing. Mixing rain sounds with wind and birds but I really got quite a kick out of one fellow who said he flew all the way to Tanzania (yes, that's in Africa) to record the deeply relaxing sounds of a beautiful waterfall. He said he recorded the exotic falls from the crest in order to really capture the sublime bass tones for all us sleep deprived insomniacs.

What a guy.

Cut the crap.... please. For all we know it could be the pool waterfall at the local Holiday Inn Express. If I was so inclined I could make dozens of these sound 'loops' a month. I am an 'OK' writer, so I could type something like 'I was hiking the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro when I happened across mysterious waterfalls with exotic birds. I traversed a steep ravine to stand perilously close to the crest with my parabolic microphone' , and so on.  

It's all B.S. hyperbole as field recordings in general are full of 'not so clean' sounds. Audio glitches happen quite often and sometimes there is nothing to capture but samples of a small waterfall or a rainstorm. Sometimes the birds don't sing and, even worse, airplanes and other unexpected noises have a nasty habit of of mucking everything up. So they mix, like I do, in their studios or on their PC's and then try to sell the sizzle and not the steak.  But c'est la vie, especially on the Internet.  One of the many differences between us and them it's that we have no pretense. We record... in studio, relaxation CDs that put the listener in a virtually real environment.  Our sound library  has 10's of thousands of samples... and what I don't have I'll find and record.

One piece of advice: If a site wants to sell you a 60 minute 'relaxation MP3 download that's about 20 or 30 Megabyte... run away! A CD or near CD quality 60 minute MP3 download will be over 100 to 150 Megabyte... or maybe even more depending on the compression of the audio.

Anyhow, it really is past my bedtime.... as I sit here... in the wilds of to an relaxing babbling brook... recording the sublime 'purr' of a sleeping lion just a dozen feet from me... as a peaceful rain begins to fall.