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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.


The Earth Shrugs

The tragic earthquake in Haiti serves as a reminder to me of just how fragile we humans are as we survive on this tiny blue ball that spins eternally around a medium size star somewhere in the cosmos. The power of nature is something to behold and capturing it's sublime sounds are part of our quest here at

However, Mother Earth is a sleeping giant. Humans are no more important to it then the birds in the sky, manatees, or palm trees. When the Earth shrugs people die. A popular television evangelist here in the USA said a day after the devastating quake that the Haitian people brought this on themselves. They didn't.

I am sure I have terminated many innocent and unsuspecting insects simply by walking out to check the mail. They were of such small scale comparatively that I didn't know I was sending them on their spiritual journey. However I do know with utmost certainty that they did not bring their demise on themselves.  I did not mean to do it but...

Sometimes things just happen.